8 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

Christmas is a festival of enjoyment, of having fun together with your family, friends; and the best time of giving and receiving gifts. Here are numerous ideas for great Christmas gifts for employees.

When it comes to employee Christmas gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. What makes your gift memorable for your employees is the way you give it. Here are the ways you can make your employee Christmas gifts memorable this holiday season.It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is undoubtedly a favorite holiday for
many of us (myself included). While this remains a family tradition, its magic has spread into workplaces as well, making managers wonder what the best Christmas gifts for employee would be.

Employee Christmas Gift Ideas:

Christmas gifts for employees

Christmas gifts for employees

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get your employees, a Gift card is always a welcome item. Choose a popular store, restaurant or even a card from the local movie theater. For the sake of fairness, it’s a good idea to purchase the cards from the same establishment and for equal amounts. However, if you have the time and the necessary knowledge, you can give a gift card to an establishment based on each employee’s interests.


A cash bonus is also one of the most popular Christmas corporate gifts that you could give your employees. They could do with the extra cash during this season and they’ll appreciate the gesture a lot.

Gift of Health

Healthy employees are not only beneficial to them, but it can help you in terms of reduced sick time and possibly their increased productivity. A gift certificate to a local health club can encourage them to improve their fitness. Consider giving them an hour or two off to attend a club orientation session to help them get started.

Personalized gifts

The holidays are a popular time of year to give and receive gifts personalized with monograms and logos. By adding a name, date or logo to an employee Christmas gift, the employee has a lasting memento of his time at your organization and a token of his contributions.

Gift wrapping

When it comes to your employee Christmas gifts, the presentation counts. Gift wrapping your items not only provides a nicer presentation to your employees, but it also lets them know you care. Most importantly, use the opportunity of employee Christmas gifts to reinforce the value of individual employee’s contributions. It’s important for employees (and employee engagement levels) to feel like they are contributing to the organization’s overall mission and success. Let your employee Christmas gifts reinforce the value each individual brings to your team and organization.

Gift Certificates

Here is an idea that is one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas because it not only serves your purpose of gifting someone something but also gives them exactly what they want. All you have to do is get them a gift certificate from one of the all-inclusive malls so that they can get whatever they want and you don’t have to stress out. The advantage is that you can decide the budget. All in all, everyone’s happy and that’s all that matters.

Office Christmas Gift Ideas

Office Christmas Gift Ideas

Formal Dinner

Host a high-end formal dinner for the employees and their families. Give them a taste of the good world with formal attire and an instrumental band, assorted cuisines and drinks. What a way to bring in the holiday season.

Holiday lunch

Close up early one day and treat the group to a late lunch. You’ll make them even happier by allowing a plus-one. If you’d rather not buy a tangible gift for each employee, you can use your office lunch as a chance to host an office-wide gift exchange.

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