Easy Homemade Easter Card Ideas For Kids

Homemade Easter cards are easy enough for young children to make, yet creative enough to keep an older child interested.

Easy Homemade Easter Card Ideas For Kids

Easy Homemade Easter Card Ideas For Kids

Easter is approaching and like every year the making of the Easter cards is a great fun for many people. For the holiday we send and receive Easter cards decorated with eggs, bunnies and happy spring motifs. The excitement is great, especially for the children. Would you like to make an original greeting card for Easter.

Homemade Easter card designs that express spiritual sentiments and desires for spring, and feature popular icons and non secular symbols of this spring holiday are incredibly popular among the masses. Besides several easy-to-send paper cards, customers also provide the option of adding their own personal message, combined with the greeting card.

Easter Cards For Kids

Button Easter Basket Card

Have your child draw the shape of a basket on the front of his card (or you draw the basket depending on your child’s age and ability). Again, show him how to cut lots of thin strips of the green paper and glue it on so that it looks like the basket is filled with grass. Next, glue the small buttons on top of the grass to look like Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny Card

Acquire some 9 by 12 inch construction paper inside a pastel color and fold it in two lengthwise. On the front of the card, possess the kids draw a simple oval shape in marker or gel pen to represent the Easter bunny’s face. Ensure that the color of the marker or pen contrasts using the color of the Easter card. Then instruct these to draw two loops on the top to make the Easter bunny’s ears. Then possess the kids draw an inverted triangle for the nose and three lines on both sides of the Easter bunny’s face to indicate his whiskers.

Easter Chick Card

Ayellow bit of construction paper, draw an egg shape that’s comparable height as one of your children’s hands and work out. Make one egg shape for every child who will make a card. Then possess the kids place their hands over some yellow construction paper and trace their hands with pencil. Then instruct the children to cut out the hand shapes. Attach the yellow construction paper hands to every side of an egg shaped sheet of paper with brass paper fasteners.

Easter Egg Card

Easter Egg Card

Easter Photo Card

This really is another Easter card that’s designed to last. Obtain a 3 by 5 inch photo of every child that will make an Easter card. Fold a bit of archival quality heavy card stock in two lengthwise. Use a craft blade to chop a matte for each photo using heavy card stock inside a bright or pastel color. Complete this task yourself, and don’t allow the kids to handle craft blade. When finished, the matte should frame the photo from the child. Adhere the photo towards the center of the front of the card with acid-free adhesive.

Stained Glass Card

Using cardstock, fold the paper right into a traditional card. Carefully cut out some shapes in the front of the card, such as an Easter egg, an Easter flower or simply random geometric shapes. Using tissue paper or colored vellum, have children paste the coloured paper over the cut out holes. Fold the card within the opposite direction, and the colors can have through the front of the homemade Easter card as being a stained glass window.

Easter Collage

Gather Easter wrapping paper, cards from this past year or magazine cutouts to create an Easter card. Simply eliminate appropriate spring pictures, for example bunnies, chicks, flowers, rain clouds and robins. Then, glue the images on the front of a folded bit of cardstock with white school glue. All sorts of things a colorful burst of spring delivered with an Easter card.

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