Excellent Birthday Card Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Birthday card was just away and I was having a hard time to decide which birthday card is the right card for my best friend.

Birthday is a very special day for everyone. You start planning for your birthday celebrations since a very long time. Not only you, in fact, your best friends, family and other loved ones also start preparing for your birthday.

A birthday greeting is a great way to show your best friend just how much you care about her on her special day. Instead of swinging by the store and picking up a birthday card for the best friend you hold closest to your heart, make her a one-of-a-kind greeting. By doing so, you can prove just how much you care and how important your friendship with her is to you.

birthday card ideas for best friend

birthday card ideas for best friend

Cute Birthday Card for a Best Friend

Mood Board Card

Create a ‘mood board’ card. Mood boards are used in many different scenarios, even in professional workplaces when pitching an idea. The main function of a mood board is to engage and ignite specific thoughts, emotions and feelings. Gather happy pictures from a magazine that are reminiscent of the experiences you have had with your best friend. These can be in the form of images and words. Fold a piece of hard A4 cardboard in half and stick them in a collage style on the front.

Greeting cards

These cards are superbly matchless I their expressions and best to convey your inner most love and sentiments which you have for your best friend. You can create an impressive and special effect upon your best friends at her/his birthday and can make her/his feeling special through this exciting idea. Birthday cards presenting is essential to express your all love and hearty concern which you have for your best friend. Let’s take a view of these magnificent birthday greeting cards which are terrifically excellent and highly exclusive n their styles.

Star Card

Collect the photographs of all of the favorite celebrities and stars born on the day that. This birthday card would make the recipient feel special and essential. Stick the kid’s photograph in the center of the card and glue rest pictures around him. Write an expressive caption stating that he or she is equally important for you as the celebrities or stars are for world.

birthday card ideas for best friend

birthday card ideas for best friend

Presenting cards

For the expression of feelings, concerns and sentiments people like to present exclusive gifts, flowers and card each other. In this significant range, cards are tremendously authentic for the exact expression of delicate special feelings. Handmade cards have very strongest impact and these are also best for the impressive and long lasting impact of conveying of inner most special concerns and feelings.

Paper Flower Bouquet

Create a three-dimensional birthday card to delight your best friend. Craft a flower bouquet making origami flowers in your recipient’s favorite hues. Attach each flower to a green pipe cleaner or piece of thick green paper. Using cardstock, cut out a vase shape and attach it to the front of a pre-made greeting card, gluing down the sides and bottom and leaving the top open. Slip your folded flowers into this paper vase, finishing your display. If you want to make the gift even more personal, write one reason why you love the recipient on each of the flowers.

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