Handmade Mother’s Day Card & Gift Ideas 2015

Mother’s Day is a special day so why not celebrate with a handmade card. So, Here in this article we are going to provide you the best collection of Mothers Day Cards.

Mother’s day 2015 is just round the corner and it is time to make your mother feel special by gifting her with something more personal. This year, be a little different and give your mom a handmade Mother’s Day card 2015. Do you need some inspiration to design the perfect card for your mom? There are plenty of crafty Mother’s Day card ideas that would delight your mom for sure.

Paper Card

  • Take a colored construction paper, its dimensions depending upon the size of the card you want to make, and fold it into half.
  • On the outer side of the folded construction paper, make a nice collage with some memorable pictures of you and your mother.
  • If you don’t want to paste pictures, make a drawing on the outer side of the card, like landscape, flowers, etc.
  • Another option is to download some nice pictures and clip arts from the internet, take their printout and paste them on the outer side of the card.
  • With the card being adorned from the outside, all you have to do is write a message for your mom on the inner right side of the card.
  • Put the card in an envelope, tie it with a red ribbon and give it to your mom, on Mother’s Day.

Digital Card

  • For making a digital card, you need to go through the digital scrap booking sites, as the first step. You will find a large number of websites that offer the service for free.
  • You can also browse through photo storage websites, offering digital scrap booking items. Such sites will come specifically handy if you are already using them for storing, as well as sharing, your family pictures.
  • After selecting the website that you want to use, it is the time to select a layout for your digital card. In this context, you can make use of the photographs stored on your PC or import them from photo storage locations.
  • Next, you need to personalize the card, by adding items like a favorite poem or a personal memory. At the same time, you will have to customize the font size, style and color for your card.
  • Add embellishments to the card and decorate it, just like you adorn a scrap book page. You can use things like buttons, ribbons, flowers and pearls, for the purpose.
  • Your digital card is ready. Now, all you have to do is connect your PC to a color printer and take a printout of the card. If you don’t want to print the card, email a copy to your mom.
Happy Mother's Day CardHappy Mother's Day Card

Happy Mother’s Day Card

Happy Mother's Day Card _1

Happy Mother’s Day Card _1

Happy Mother's Day Card _2

Happy Mother’s Day Card _2

Happy Mother's Day Card _3

Happy Mother’s Day Card _3

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