Homemade Birthday Card Ideas for Your Boyfriend

there are can be nothing better than a cute homemade birthday card ideas for your boyfriend.

A birthday is only special when you have friends and loved ones around to celebrate the day with. And when the guest list includes a boyfriend or girlfriend, then there’s no looking back. Keeping that in mind, we have put together the birthday card ideas for your boyfriend.

homemade birthday card for boyfriend

homemade birthday card for boyfriend

Easy and quickly made homemade card for your boyfriend you can make easily . here you can get more ideas for homemade card for your loves one. You just want some accessories chart paper’ colorful formic sheet’ gum and cutter. To make this adorable romantic birthday card cut a piece Of chart paper in which size you want here in this pic brown color chart paper is available. Then cut yellow formic sheet in Y shape then O in purple color and U in pink color.

Colorful handmade heart card

Take colorful crepe papers and cut them out right seen in the picture. Paste them together one down other and after pasting upon the heart card cut the enlarge paper material according to the heart shape. Patch this heart on any color card to make for your boyfriend.

Fold Handmade card

Place the pictures of the collage over either the card stock or some decorative paper. Fold the card stock. Then glue some decorative paper to the front of the card in a preferred layout. Then glue the collage images down onto the card securely.

Photo Card

Help make your boyfriend a homemade birthday card having a photo of the two of you together. Buy light blue card stock, pressed flowers stamps along with other embellishments to decorate the card with. Glue the photo around the front of the card and employ chip board letters to create the words “Happy Birthday” on the front. Chip board letters come out slightly because they are made out of pressboard. Write your sentiment for your boyfriend

homemade birthday card for boyfriend

homemade birthday card for boyfriend

Red & White Handmade Card

Red is the color of love and it will be best if you make birthday card for your love in red color . you want some needed accessories red arc chart paper ‘ white printed chart paper pink glittered tube and pink rhinestones. Cut red arc paper as a card in which size you like then cut white printed in heart shape paste it on the mid then paste white chart paper on the bottom and make heart by pink glittered tube and paste pink stones on the mid. Simply tremendous lovely handmade birthday card is completed for your love.

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