Ideas for handmade Christmas Card

Making your own Christmas card is a good way to bond with your kids during Christmas season.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not celebrate with any of our fabulous Christmas craft ideas. Christmas is a time when we give ourselves kind wishes and spend time with loved ones. But unfortunately we can not always be together. Often the distance between us. In this case, it is worth remembering and those who spend their holidays away from us. We let them know that we remember about them by sending them a Christmas card with wishes. Card will have even greater value when you do it yourself. You’ll be amazed how easy it is. And this handmade christmas card is much more valuable than the most beautiful, but bought at the store.

Homemade Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas Cards

Some Handmade Christmas card ideas are worth discussing here:

Warmest Wishes Christmas Card

A string of colorful mitten shapes goes across the front of this holiday card, making it appropriate for the whole season. Send along your warmest wishes by layering patterned paper and holiday ribbon onto a plain card. String die-cut mittens across the top with embroidery thread. (Attach the mitten shapes to the thread by using a small amount of glue.)

Christmas tree card

This is beautiful Christmas tree idea around the handmade Christmas card along with the shining stars and small circles around the Christmas tree. A red ribbon is tied in the left corner of the card with two knots onto it to complement the design of this card.

Photo Christmas card

Pick a photograph to be pasted about this handmade Christmas card. It could be of recipient or else you both together or might be it could be from his or her childhood days. Decorate the remaining space using glitter and paints. Draw small white snowmen onto it with a blue background. Glue the photograph around the card. Give this a frame finish and your handmade Christmas card is ready.

Woodland diorama Christmas card

This one is quite fancy. My kids love making these cut out cards. Once you show them the simple trick behind making a pop up card, they won’t want to stop. Watch the video to find out how to make a diorama Christmas card

Colorful Christmas Trees Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Create this pretty Christmas tree scene for your holiday card with scrapbook paper. Fold an 8-1/2 x 5-1/2-inch piece of white cardstock in half to make the card. Cut a wavy line from a 2-inch strip of blue or teal scrapbook paper; adhere to the top of the card. Cut 4-6 triangles each from green and blue scrapbook paper as shown; adhere to the card in three rows, leaving a space at the right of the second row for the larger tree.

A Quick holiday card

A diamond-shape bit of patterned paper stamped having a short-and-sweet greeting and topped having a bow stands out on the vibrant background of the quick holiday card.

Paper tree card

Stich the paper tree around the card and decorate the card using the charms and stars plus a merry Christmas message shining at the very top.

Christmas circlet Card

With the help of red satin ribbon and shiny papers of different colors, you can create a unique handmade Christmas card by drawing two big circles around the white paper and pasting the punched shining papers around the outer circle while tying a bow using the red ribbon in the center of the card. Pen down your own thoughts & message on the card giving better of wishes to the recipient.

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