Unbelievable Homemade Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

These homemade gift ideas for your boyfriend will prove to be a welcome change to buying a gift every time a special occasion comes around.

Creating a homemade Christmas gift for your boyfriend does not require any special skills or substantial amounts of creativity. Making things manually that demonstrate how much he way to you can help you say what words cannot. Whether you focus on a special occasion the two of you shared, or just create something uniquely for him, he’ll obtain the message loud and clear with these creative homemade gifts.

Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful gifts to select for your boyfriend because they show that you’ve put in a lot of efforts and thought for making them. That they aren’t simply bought off the shelf. That is why personalized gifts are always an excellent gift idea. Here are some ideas for the type of homemade gifts that you can get for the boyfriend.

Unbelievable Homemade Christmas Gifts

Unbelievable Homemade Christmas Gifts


Scrapbooking is loved by 16 and 60 year olds alike, especially when the subject of the book is a certain special man friend. Any number of memory-laden items can be collected and pasted together, including movie tickets, pictures, notes and doodles. When I lived in another country several years back, my sweetheart made me one for Christmas before I left. Like Linus and his blanket, I toted it with me everywhere, so have faith: We may not browse them nightly, but simply having one is a blessing.

Christmas Gift Basket

I consider this a smorgasbord gift; it’s basically an amalgam of anything on the list, along with a smattering of your squeeze’s favorite DVDs, CDs, couture candy and a gift card or two. It makes a great present for a boyfriend who’s out of town the day of gift-giving. Leave it on his bed or deliver it to his home for a welcome surprise when he returns.

Collage Pictures

Bring your favorite pictures as a couple, and create a collage on heavy cardstock paper. Frame your collage, or give a cardboard backing and picture hanger. This gift will remind him of the good times you’ve spent together.

Picture Frames

Take a picture of these two of you, and present it to him in the hand-painted frame. You can find cheap frames in the discount store, and acrylic paint is extremely inexpensive.

Make a Movie

It’s easy to create a movie for someone you love, which is done at minimal cost. Sites that provide video services include Animoto and Masher. On these sites, you can upload your own videos and photographs, and download your favorite music to produce a slideshow or mashup of your favorite memories. Tools you’ll need include a computer, Internet access, digital pictures and downloaded music.

Homemade Picture Frames

Homemade Picture Frames

Create a Playlist

Come up with a thoughtful playlist of love songs which will remind him of time you spent together and places you’ve been. If you use iTunes, you’ll be able to add pictures for your playlists. Once a playlist is put together, you need to borrow or sneak his iPod or any other music player away from him and download it. If he makes use of an iPhone and you cannot steal it away, you may make him a homemade certificate for that download, and do it at another time.

Decorate a mug

If he is a coffee drinker, buy him an easy ceramic mug, and use ceramic paints to personalize it for him. You can write a special saying around the mug, or just decorate it with drawings of products he likes.

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